Top 10 Books On 3D Printers For Beginners – Become A 3D Printing Expert

It’s fair to say that the world has changed quite significantly in recent years. Along with these changes, we also saw the rise of the 3D printer.

Whether you have your own 3D printer or are looking into owning your first in the near future, you will know that they are easy to learn but incredibly difficult to master. For this reason, we have compiled a list of superb books that will give you all the information you will ever want and need.

In this list, we have books that have fantastic reviews from those who have bought the book as well as books for all different types of people – beginners, intermediates, experts, etc. With this list, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a 3D printer expert.

1. Beginner’s Guide to 3D Printing

Available both digitally and on paperback, this is an extremely good introduction into the world of 3D printing. It’s especially great if you just recently bought your first printer or are looking into the process. In short, this book explains that the best way to learn your printer is to get hands-on.

You’ll be given step-by-step guides for a number of example models. Starting with simple designs such as a domino or a cube, you will soon progress to bigger and better things such as jewel boxes and a working paddleboat.

Details – Written by Mike Rigsby, this book has over 300 pages and was first released towards the end of 2021. Since then, it has received positive reviews on Amazon and various other sites. When it comes to guides for the beginner, this is certainly one of the best you will find.

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2. Getting Started with 3D Printing

As you can see from the title, this is another book aimed at the beginner but it is a little different to our first option. It delves more into the story of 3D printers and how they work. After reading this book, you will know how to take advantage of your new piece of technology as well as learn all about the best hardware and software on the market.

Using simple, easy to understand language, this digital or paperback book will work perfectly when combined with the beginners guide in our first suggestion.

Details – Written by Nick Kloski and Liza Wallach Kloski, the book was a joint effort between two people who are passionate about the growth of 3D printing and want to see others succeed with it. After first being released in May 2021, the book has received many reviews with an average of 4.8 stars from five.

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3. How to Make Money with 3D Printing

For clarification purposes, we need to point out that ‘make money’ does not mean ‘print money’. Instead, this brilliant book explains the possibilities that come with 3D printing. Rather than focusing on making toys and fun little items, you will learn how to make products with the potential of making a business from your printer.

Once you have been printing for a while and want to take your skills once step further, this book explains how your hobby can be monetized. Not only that, but it goes into detail on how 3D design work can be outsourced.

Details – Jeffrey Ito is the writer of this book and spans over 140 pages of genius. As a graduate of the University of Southern California, Ito went on to create a 3D ‘Mastermind Group’ with a focus on 3D printing. Once again, the book has received many positive reviews since being released digitally.

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4. The Big Book of Makerspace Projects

Are you bored of creating the same old items time and time again? You aren’t alone with this feeling because many people hit a brick wall with their 3D printer. They simply do not know what to print after a certain amount of time.

If this is the case, this book is the one for you. You will learn how to create useful items that will help you both in the now and for looking into the future. As well as simple items such as greetings cards and paper circuits, you will also move onto the more advanced items such as scribble machines, instruments, holograms, and more. After making these, you will be guaranteed endless hours of fun whilst also improving your skills and becoming an expert.

Details – Like another book on this list, this book was a joint effort between two people – Aaron Graves and Colleen Graves. Both from Denton, Texas, they compiled this fantastic book of ideas in 2021 and reached number one in their relevant niches on Amazon. After seeing much success, the book was released on paperback as well as on Kindle.

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5. 3D Pen Jewelry

3D printing is more than just expensive machines and professional designs. Nowadays, the average consumer can also have fun with 3D designs with simple, easy to use 3D pens.

In this book, you’ll find a number of different jewelry pieces and unique accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you decide to keep them for yourself, give them as gifts, or sell them through a business, this is a great way to improve your skills over time.

After completing all the designs in the book, you will feel motivated and inspired to create your own designs. More than anything else, this is a great book for increasing confidence in your own ability.

Details – With an average customer review of 4.8 stars out of five, this book has clearly impressed since its November 2021 release. Made up in a pamphlet-style document, the author, Rayan Turner, has clearly thought long and hard about the unique designs in this book. Although it is under 50 pages long, it provides hours of fun and your skills will improve.

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6. Maintaining and Troubleshooting Your 3D Printer

With 3D printers being heavy, clunky pieces of machinery, you will need to perform certain tasks to keep it in good condition. This is where this book comes in. As well as containing the most common problems that arise along with their solutions, you will also be given tips for maintenance so your 3D printer lasts the test of time.

Furthermore, specific models are mentioned. This means that you can get the right advice for each specific machine. Ultimately, this will become your bible for all things repairs- and maintenance-related.

Details – Available digitally and on paperback, this book will require a heavier investment than the rest. However, the positive reviews show that it is worth it. Written by Charles Bell, the book spans well over 500 pages and was first published in the summer of 2021. As you read, you will tell that it has been written from an extremely experienced point of view.

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7. 3D Printing for Dummies

Back to the beginner section. Is there any way you can ever go wrong with a ‘Dummies’ guide? In this book, you will be taught a few basic things:

  • How the process works
  • Maintenance and repairs of 3D printers
  • How you can stay efficient and environmentally conscious with the printer
  • How to use different pieces of software
  • A whole lot more

As long as you have this book sitting on your shelf, you’ll know that you are always going to be in safe hands.

Details – Released back at the beginning of 2021, this is actually one of the oldest books on this list. This tells you just how fast the rise of the 3D printer has been. Written by Richard Horne and Kalani Kirk Hausman, the book is available via digital means as well as the classic paperback. In total, just short of 400 pages can be found within and it has numerous positive reviews.

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8. Design for 3D Printing

We like to provide you with books that have extensive knowledge on the topic at hand as well as several other uses. For both beginners and experts alike, this book concentrates on the various sides to 3D printing. This includes remixing, scanning, creating, editing, and more.

Within the book, you will find how to become familiar with the process, the various technologies used, the available software, and then how to utilize the best source files.

Details – For this book, there are three different authors and you know what they say – three heads are better than one (and two!). With Samuel Bernier, Tatiana Reinhard, and Bertier Luyt, there is a wealth of knowledge between the covers. Published in October 2021, you will find it available on paperback and on your digital device. When buying, you will also notice that the 160-page book has been well-received in terms of the reviews.

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9. 3D CAD with Autodesk 123D

With our second-to-last book, we move into more of a niche category. This book is perfect for everybody looking to take the next step with their computer. Using computer-aded design (CAD) and fabrication, you will learn all about the software of Autodesk 123D which boasts numerous tools for the topic we are discussing.

Over time, you will be able to scan and print any design you wish. According to the book itself, you could prototype a playground, create a statue, and even build your very own birdhouse. This book is perfect for those looking to get creative with their designs.

Details – Written by Emily Gertz and Jesse Harrington Au, this book is around 120 pages long and is a welcome introduction to particular pieces of software used in the 3D printing process. Overall, the book has got great reviews with an average that falls just short of four stars out of a possible five. As one of the newer books in this list, it was released at the beginning of 2021 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

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10. 3D Printed Science Projects

Here we have a book that will be incredibly useful if you are going to be using the 3D printer around children. When children look at a 3D printer, what do they see? In truth, they see an opportunity to have fun.

This book will provide you with ideas for home, a science fair, or perhaps even the classroom if you’re a teacher with access to a 3D printer. As this type of technology promises to play a larger role in education in the future, you can get a head-start by reading this book and looking at all the possibilities from a scientific point of view.

Details – Released in May 2021, this book has been produced for both teachers and parents who want to use technology as a learning opportunity. Over the course of 200 pages, Rich Cameron and Joan Horvath explain why 3D printers are great for science. They go in-depth about how they can be utilized for the greatest impact. Although this book only has a handful of reviews to this point, it is in the unique position of being able to say that it has a 100% five-star record.

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Final Thoughts

We’ve listed the top 10 books for those who are just beginners with 3D printers. These books will help you to become an expert on the subject. Whether it is learning the basics as a beginner, delving into the more complex topics as an intermediate or expert, learning more about the software used in the whole process, or just gaining ideas of what to build next, these will all contribute to your skill set and make you a better printer in the long run.

As long as you take the time to really research the subject and learn how it all works, you will see the rewards in the enjoyment you see in return in addition to the items you make. If you buy the book discussing how to turn 3D printing into a business, you could even earn some money.

See a book that’s not on the list and should be? Let us know in the comments below.

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