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20 Best 3D Printing Pens And Their Reviews (Updated 2022)

A 3D printing pen isn’t just a pen. It is a 3D pen that allows for the creation of 3D models or drawings. Just like a 3D printing machine, it uses a technology where instead of ink, a filament material that melts is used to draw various shapes in thin air over many surfaces. This way, there isn’t a limit to what you can draw.

Unlike a few years ago, 3D printing pens are currently gaining popularity with many artists finding its use quite amazing. A 3D printing pen is a fun thing to have and contrary to what many would say; that it is a professional tool for people of art, owning one will make you get a hobby out of it. The make and model will tell what it is you want to print or draw.

The only problem with these pens is experienced when it comes to deciding which one to buy. Spoilt for choice, you might end up getting a pen that isn’t worth your money. To save you from the frustration, here is what you should consider in buying a 3D printing pen.

Power Supply

Many 3D printers function through connecting it to a source of energy. Electricity is mainly many people’s preference. However, other power sources can also be used, rechargeable batteries for example. Whether or not you have a power source determines what type of 3D pen you will buy. In this case, we’re talking about whether it will be a corded or a cordless 3D printing pen.
Heating Mechanism

Many 3D products use Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology. As such, 3D pens are no exception. However, some of these pens don’t use this type of heating mechanism. Instead, they are photopolymers. This means that it uses a material that solidifies when exposed to air. Therefore, depending on what you want, it would do you good to determine the type of a 3D pen that you would buy.


Just like in 3D printers, 3D pens are occasionally equipped with a display feature. Many would consider this ideal for a 3D modeling machine. Putting this factor into perspective, it also has an added advantage of letting one know of the flow speed of the material, the temperature, the power supply, the thickness of the drawings among other things. If what you are looking for is one that lets you monitor the progress of the print, the display with a rather sizable screen is a must.

Stealth Mode

I’m sure you’d go for a choice like mine which can work silently and doesn’t pollute its surroundings. The smell of burnt molten plastic is so frustrating. But if noise is no problem to you, well, this is a factor you can overlook.

Filament Material

Different 3D printing pens have different printing materials. The two most commonly used are the PLA and the ABS materials. The reason has to do with their heating capabilities. Your preferred filament type would, therefore, influence what type of a 3D pen you will buy.


Like any other product on the market, 3D printing pens have varied prices and capabilities. The depth of your pocket will lead you to the purchase of a particular 3D pen which is worth your money.

User Reviews

This consideration matters a lot as it tells you about the features and the functionality of a product. The reviews are from users who have used the product and given feedback. However, there are some reviews which are too good to be true. It is, therefore, best for one to dig deeper into various sites for customer reviews. This way, you will be led to buying a 3D pen that meets your expectations.

Other things to consider will include the design which allows one to access and use the pen quickly; and the control system of the 3D pen. If you can control the pen with your hand as you are working, you’ll be bound to produce the best quality models. It will also enable you to control the speed of the spewing material from the pen. It would also do you good to determine the manufacturer’s name or the popularity of the brand.

Here is a review of 20 best printing pens you can choose from. The review is in no particular order neither does it follow any criteria.

1. MYNT3D Professional Printing Pen

3d printing pen review mynt3d

Say hello to an unforgettable experience with one of the best FDM technology products; the MYNT3D Professional Printing Pen. It has an OLED display and is one of the best choices for any professional looking to doodle incredibly crafted masterpieces. It is easy to use and is highly rated by users who’ve tested it.

To add to its unusual feature, one can also regulate the speed of the drawing out of the liquid from the pen using its speed control. Its temperature is adjustable on display by increments of a degree at a time. This temperature regulation allows you to achieve an immense number of effects consequently. It has a sleek and ultra-thin design, is easy to handle and has the maximum precision capability which allows one to draw lots of models virtually. It’s multi-colored and uses ABS filament material. The pen isn’t only limited to ABS filament, but it also works with PLA, bronze and other exotic filament materials like wood. The hot end can be replaced instantaneously.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: Any 1.75mm ABS, PLA, bronze and wood material
• Temperature range: it is adjustable and ranges between 130-240 C with small 1 degree adjustments for fine results
• Colors: It is multi-colored and supports up to 3 colors
• Weight: 9.5 ounces
• Device Dimensions: 2.8 x 8.1 x 5.2 inches
• Warranty: One year
• Body make: Plastic

The device is highly portable, and apart from its amazing features, it has a few drawbacks which include frustrating noise, a bit slow fluid flow (extrusion) and poor name branding as well as unclear instructions.

It is best for artists, hobbyists, professionals and many who are looking into exploring the world of realistic 3D models.

2. 3Doodler Printing Pen

3d printing pen review doodler

If you thought MYNT3D printing pen was the best, think again. 3Doodler is another addition to the most recent 3D printing pens. With the integration of hundreds of fine results, smoothness and swift modeling, this device will perhaps be the best choice for you. Its design particularly is the thinnest in the market, and it is highly portable. The thinness, however, doesn’t affect its strength or stability. Rectangular, it offers easy controls and convenience when it comes to handling or using the 3D pen. It has an enhanced grip for accuracy as well.

The case is made of aluminum to help in durability, and the enhancement of the portability and weight matters. It has a perfect nozzle for precision and astonishingly fine extrusion. The extruded case instantly melts and allows for the complete build of stable structures as well as the making free-hand drawing on any surface easy and fast. Its versatility is unlike any other.

It comes with accessories that make working with it simpler. One has the chance to choose from a set of nozzles with different sizes and shapes you can doodle with. Accompanied by a drawing surface, the manufacturer’s, it would seem had everything in check for your doodling experience.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: It is designed to work with both ABS and PLA filaments.
• Temperature: N/A
• Colors: It’s multi-colored
• Weight: 12.8 ounces
• Device Dimensions: 6.3 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches
• Warranty: One year
• Body make: Aluminium casing

The device comes as a complete set, is safe, non-toxic and allows you to doodle in various directions. However, because of its rectangular shape, some might find it hard to hold. Unfortunately, it also lacks the precision of exotic printers. It is also expensive when compared to others.

This is for you, the crafters, professionals, the DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists and artists in the field of 3D printing.

3. Soyan Standard 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review soyan

Incredibly and competitively affordable, Soyan 3D printing pen delivers the worth of your money. Its versatility covers invention and prototyping, physical education, art and design, spatial thinking and for general education purposes. They can be used by little children under adult supervision for they are safe and easy to grasp.

Soyan 3D pen, unlike 3Doodle, is round, elegant, ergonomic and has a control system that enables for the regulation of the extrusion speed for the enhancement of and production of finer results. There is no limit to what you can draw with this 3D pen. Whether horizontal or vertical, you can model anything you want. It uses a heated system of plastic filament that cools almost at the same time it is extruded. This makes free-hand drawing on a given surface easier. It, however, lacks a display but has indicators for the status progress.

The extraction of filaments after the completion of a project or in a case where color needs to be changed has been made easy through the button it is equipped with. Furthermore, it is multi-colored and has among the primary color, much more. What’s even cooler is that it comes with a filament that has random colors.

To ensure the best and satisfactory functionality of Soyan 3D printing pen, the manufacturer tests it before distribution. As such, should you find some traces of filament in the nozzle while it is still new, note that it is because of the inspection.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: It has been designed to work with the ABS filament
• Temperature: N/A
• Colors: It comes in various colors
• Weight: 2.2 Ounces
• Device Dimensions: 1.2 x 7.4 x 1.7 inches
• Warranty: Check the manufacturer’s website for this

Ease of use, the lightweight capability, the flexibility and portability coupled with its adjustable temperature control system are only but a few of the benefits of this pen. However, some cases have been reported where the pen just stopped working. It also has a cord many would consider short.

It is perfect for kids, adults, hobbyists, educators and other professionals looking for an easy-to-use and a cheap 3D printing pen.

4. Genesis 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review genesis

Genesis 3D printing pen is a type of product which is aesthetically pleasing and is the first ever product of its kind by Lasso labs. Genesis 3D printing pen came and was met with enthusiasm by some artists in the industry. Welcomed by some people, this 3D pen boasts with its ability to render you a master of unlimited creativity and doodling. Finely made, it’s durable and straightforward to use. You can only be limited by your imagination once you get a hold of this 3D printing pen. It is among the best 3D pens that work with many surfaces with a novelty worth embracing.

This pen comes freely equipped with filaments fed into the nozzle hole and has LED indicators for status reports. PLA and ABS materials are the primary filaments it supports. The heating bed is regulated through the controls by the hand thereby enhancing the speed at which extrusion occur. It also supports many colors thus giving you a variety of what to choose.

Its features make it more inclined towards home use and art and craft than it is designed towards being a professional tool. Made from high-quality durable materials, this pen is meant to last longer and is accompanied by an installation manual. The company offers a no-question, no-risk and no questions asked return policy.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Materials: This 3D printer works best if the material used is either a 1.75mm PLA or ABS.
• Temperature: N/A
• It has a LED indicator
• Colors: it can support many colors
• Weight: one pound
• Device dimensions: 7.9 x 5x 3 inches
• Warranty: it has the best lifetime warranty and customer support

Despite its friendliness and the ability to use many filaments coupled with its lightweight nature, Genesis 3D printing has a few disadvantages. The use of a heating bed and the ABS filament means it can also get too heated if it is used for long. For this reason, alone, it isn’t recommended for use in big projects that take a while to complete.

The bottom line, however, is that it is designed for many to use including beginners in the 3D printing industry.

5. Scribbler 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review scribbler

Considered the world’s first 3D Printing Pen, Scribbler has, in its generation seen a total of three versions so far. This version, the Scribbler 3D V3 isn’t anything but a great choice for anyone looking to make 3D modeling fun. It is lightweight enough with a soft stylus which allows you to draw any shape that you’d like. Beautifully designed, it features a feed button correctly placed for people who are right-handed. It allows the control of extrusion rate for finer 3D models.

Being non-metal, Scribbler V3 is accompanied by a nozzle made of ceramics. Viewing the work progress is easy as it also is equipped with an OLED-display which also allows for the temperature control of the pen. It is made of heat-resistant plastic which carefully encloses the heating bed apart from ensuring your safety. The pen is multicolored, and one can choose from a wide variety of colors which includes red, purple, green, yellow, blue, metallic silver, white and also the color blue metallic.

Unlike many other 3D Printing Pens, Scribbler V3 has a quality unclogging mechanism that prevents the blocking of the nozzle by the heated filament. Furthermore, the nozzle is designed to work with many 1.75mm filaments including ABS and PLA filaments. The heated filaments cool instantaneously as it leaves the nozzle hole. Nonetheless, it comes equipped with a cleaning function that enables one to clean the nozzle after use quickly. This makes for great easiness when changing nozzles too. Idle for more than a minute and a half, it automatically shuts off. How cool is that?

Packed with all these elements, it makes it one of the most efficient and reliable pens in the industry.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: It is built to accommodate bronze, wood, PLA, ABS and other exotic materials.
• Temperature: N/A
• It has an OLED-display
• Colors: Supports a wide range of selected colors
• Weight: 65 grams
• Body Make: Ceramics
• Device Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 6 inches
There are a few setbacks that accompany this 3D printing pen though. Some users say it can easily break and that some brittle materials cause clogging.

All in all, it is perfect for kids and 3D enthusiasts who want to have fun drawing things.

6. Sketch Pro 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review sketchpro

Do you feel inspired and motivated to create a three-dimensional art but have no idea where to start? Sketch Pro is the solution. Featuring the latest FDM technology with safety features like auto shut-off, with a customer manual on how to use, it comes fully equipped with the necessary things you require for your models. It has a comfortable feel on the hands and has an ergonomic design which is a true inspiration to 3D printing.

It is thin enough for easy maneuvering and drawing of shapes in the air over a surface. Far from the design of its predecessors, Sketch Pro has a LED screen installed which doubles as a control detail that enables you to see the state of the heating material as well as to adjust the speed and temperature to fit what you desire. Furthermore, for those who are picky when it comes to colors, how about you choose from a variety of silver, blue and red colors?

Maintaining Sketch Pro printing pen has never been easier. It has a cleaning function that allows for removal of traces of previous filament use while mounting a different one. It supports ABS and PLA filaments which heat up quickly in under a minute, and all can be interchanged freely.

Buying Sketch Pro 3D pen has complimentary accessories to accompany it like a free e-book which is emailed to you directly after a confirmed purchase. The e-book is loaded with 100 exclusive stencils categorically arranged from beginners to pro levels. Furthermore, it has a no-questions-asked return policy of a month after which if it is unsatisfactory to you, your money will be refunded.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Materials: designed to work with ABS and PLA filaments
• LED Screen: Yes
• Smart Features: Auto-shutoff, cleaning mechanism
• Colors: Comes with a choice of several colors including blue, red and silver
• Weight: 50 grams
• Device Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.3 x 4.1 inches
• Warranty: check manufacturer’s website

Well, it has smart features and an ergonomic design but, it is greatly disadvantaged by its unexpected short life. Some reviews cite that the device is of poor quality as it stops working without warning.

This printing device is intended for all age groups looking to make art a hobby or for professional jobs.

7. AtmosFlare 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review atmosflare

This 3D printing pen enables for a world of endless and limitless possibilities. Embracing the photopolymer technology, it allows you to draw on curved surfaces or flat surfaces. Solidified by UV light, it lacks the extrusion capabilities, and for its work, users must squeeze the ink cartridge for extrusion of ink to occur. Once extruded, the ink forms non-sticky and finely textured models.

Its package is accompanied by four nozzles of different sizes, size AA batteries that continuously run for up to four hours, the dual cartridge for refilling ink and the printing pen itself. Unfortunately, one should buy this product acutely aware that the AA batteries aren’t rechargeable.

AtmosFlare 3D pen permits one to draw colorful models with the light on. The structure of the nozzle of the AtmosFlare 3D pen has various designs to produce either thick or thin line which perfectly fit the size and shape of the model you are making. After drawing, one can add outlines of thinly light finish for fine results. The ink traces can be easily cleaned using baby wipes or cloth from the nozzle. Apparently, the ink refills are also available in 12 incredibly beautiful colors.

Of precaution, though is that the product is ideal for children above the age of 12 for it sometimes produces bits of solidified ink which when swallowed can pose a danger to the young. It is also recommended that for the surface one draws on, it shouldn’t be white or reflective. The reason has to do with its UV solidification nature which will make the ink clog on the nozzle. The light it operates on can be harmful as well.


• Technology: Photopolymer, ink is solidified by UV light
• Colors: Capable of multi-color output
• Weight: 9.6 Ounces
• Device Dimensions: 6.2 x 1 x 1.6 inches
• Body Make: aluminum
• Warranty: confirm with the manufacturer

Non-corded and easy to use, it makes three-dimensional drawing fun. However, like any other product on the market, it has a few setbacks. If you are inexperienced and are fumbling around, you can create quite a mess with the ink. Clogging occurs more often than not as the UV light solidifies the material on the nozzle.

Nonetheless, it is best for 12+ age bracket.

8. Kuman 3D Pen

3d printing pen review kuman

Are you a 3D DIY enthusiast and doesn’t have a 3D pen yet? Try Kuman 100B printing pen. It comes with an easy-to-use design, sleek enough to capture your attention and lead you to remarkable three-dimensional drawing.

Don’t let the round shape trick you into thinking it is just like any other 3D pen, Kuman has some of the best features which include an LCD that gives you a myriad of control choices. You can monitor the speed, the temperature, and the filament with a control detail for adjusting the extrusion rate as well. It supports the filament material ABS and PLA of 1.75mm which heats up quickly and solidifies instantaneously to give solid and stable models.

Highly rated in many reviews, this 3D pen allows for active step-less speed control using one finger and is installed with more features like a filament-jam detection mechanism to prevent clogging, thermal management, and stealth mode design which makes it one of the best to work with. It is multi-colored and comes with a choice of blue and purple. It also has a standby mode of up to 300 seconds. Kuman 3D printing pen is housed in a slim body which is convenient and comfortable to use.

Accompanying the pen on purchase are three ABS filaments, a spatula for art painting and warranty with an excellent customer support service. It comes highly recommended for both the adults and children from 8 years and above under adult supervision. This is because the rear part of the pen and the nozzle area gets sweltering and shouldn’t be touched.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: Designed to work with 1.75mm ABS and PLA
• Color Output: Offers a choice of several colors; it is therefore multicolored
• Weight: About 13 ounces
• Device Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.8 x 2.6 inches
• Temperature Range: Between 160 and 230 degrees Celsius
• Warranty: 1 year

In spite of the good customer support and the positive reviews about this product, one thing will make you think twice. It has slow extrusion, and the unclogging tool doesn’t always work. Sadly, a user reported it to have stopped after working for only a few minutes.

It still makes for a great 3D printing pen if carefully chosen and tested first before purchase for all DIY artists as well as individuals looking to have fun with a 3D pen.

9. CreoPop 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review creopop

Not exactly your cheapest pen, CreoPop comes in a nice design that makes its use akin to drawing using an ordinary pen. It is safe to use and packs a LED light for the control of the temperature and the speed at which one draws. The use of the LED light tells you that this 3D pen uses the photopolymer technology. The cool ink it produces solidifies instantly as it leaves the nozzle. Another feature is that CreoPop is cordless and uses batteries.

The LED light produced for printing is directed at the tip nozzle head where the ink extrudes from. This will cause it to solidify in a desired drawn shape. CreoPop has ink cartridges that fill with enough cool ink to bring a 45-foot 3D model into reality. Three ink cartridges of blue, orange and purple accompany it on the purchase. Moreover, should you want more different-colored inks cartridges, they can be acquired proprietarily in a wide range of colors from dark glowing ink to magnetic ink.

The unit is cordless and is powered by batteries. Its batteries are rechargeable through a USB port with its cord, unlike AtmosFlare 3D pen. It is highly portable and doesn’t support the ABS or PLA thermoplastic materials. The cool ink can be used on many surfaces except for reflective and pure white ones and can be interchanged within a matter of seconds. It has no heated end or molten plastic often accompanied by unpleasant smells. It is, therefore, safe for children to use. Furthermore, there is no worrying about frying your hands in the process of drawing.


• Technology: Photopolymer, uses UV light and cool ink
• Color: It is capable of various color output
• LED Light: Yes, for solidifying the cool ink
• Weight: Only a pound
• Device Dimensions: 8.9 x 2.3 x 6.1 inches
• Warranty: Check manufacturers website

Its top-notch features make it an awesome choice for many. However, after purchase, few users have reported it to be slow and that the ink runs out fast. Another one also cited that the batteries don’t last long.

It is best for children and adults exploring the world of 3D printing.

10. Polyes Q1 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review polyes

This product is expensive for a 3D pen, but to some extent, it is worth it since it is packed with some cool features and a sleek design that only screams of acquisition. Users can operate the pen keeping a LED light on for the material ink to solidify and form objects. It utilizes the photopolymer technology where the ink’s chemicals react and harden when it gets in contact with a visible light spectrum or UV light.

The 3D pen has safety measures that include a LED shut off system once the pen is slanted past a certain point. This is to avoid contact with the eyes as long as the child-safety switch is flicked on. Consequently, it has no hot ends for it is incompatible with thermoplastic materials, the ABS and PLA filaments. This again makes it safer for children.

Polyes Q1 3D pen uses an inbuilt battery which comes with a USB charging cable packed in a box. It has no cords that can entangle one during printing or the frustrating smell of burning filaments. It’s proportioned optimally to cater for versatility and deliver smooth 3D drawing.

It comes with ink cartridges which make it very simple for one to draw using various colors. The cartridges contain Thermal changing ink which turns when cold and white when it’s hot. Aromatic ink and glow-in-the-dark ink are also other variants of the available ink.


• Technology: photopolymer
• Colors: it is capable of various color printing with combinations of both parts of the pen.
• Weight: 5.6 ounces
• Device Dimensions: 8.8 x 1.0 x 1.6 inches
• LED Light: Yes, used to harden the cool ink instantly

These cool features will no doubt make you buy one of these 3D printing pens. Easy to use with a speed control detail, some complaints accompany it. Some users have reported that its ink continuously flows out even in idle state and that it doesn’t hold power for long.

It is ideal for everyone. Adults or young, professionals or novices, it is easy and portable allowing for reliability in 3D printing.


11. XYZprinting Da Vinci 3D Pen

3d printing pen review da vinci

Famous for the production of quality 3D printers, XYZprinting has not been left behind when it comes to the production of 3D printing pens. Their latest addition is the Da Vinci 3D Pen which utilizes the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology and features two buttons that help with the control of the filament. The buttons allow a user in the unloading of the filament as well as feeding it.

Da Vinci 3D pen comes as a corded device that requires a power source for it to work. It has a small LED for the indication that the device is connected to power. It’s presumed to be the only 3D pen that can only print using the PLA filament. It’s a 3D printing pen which is a stand-alone device and requires no connection to a computer and or related software assistance for it to work. It can create anything one can think of.

XYZprinting 3D pen is capable of multicolored printing. There are about 11 filament colors that one can choose from. However, the nozzle of the 3D pen is capable of handling the right sized filament of PLA material which is the standard 1.75mm. The filament is non-toxic as it is made from organic materials. It is always tested to ensure safety and functionality of the pen. The Da Vinci 3D pen extrusion is capable of modeling both small or large creative ideas on many surfaces. It moves freely along or vertically on a surface during the drawing progress.

The purchase is accompanied by maintenance tools and a cleaning tool


• Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
• Filament Material: Works well with PLA filaments
• Device Dimension: 8.7 x 7.0 x 2.1 inches
• Weight: 2.47 ounces
• LED Light: Yes, for power status indication

Apart from the heated nozzle which could pose a danger for children, this device has received only positive reviews some terming it as the best choice when it comes to 3D pen printing. It is also incredibly affordable to many.

It is designed to fit professionals and enthusiasts looking to make their imaginations a reality through 3D printing.

12. Nextech Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review nextech

If you are looking to inspire your children’s creativity and imagination and at the same time make learning fun for them, and you haven’t gotten them Nextech 3D pen, you don’t know what you are missing. With its impressive look, Nextech 3D pen is equipped with a large OLED screen that gives you the perfect status of the progress in your printing.

It comes with button controls that allow for customization and the regulation of the device’s temperature. The pen works swiftly and efficiently without much of a hustle. It’s also extremely lightweight and portable and allows for the building of objects from the ground up with so much ease. The filaments have optimal performance enabling you to draw complete a 3D project in no time before refilling again. It is corded and needs a power source to operate by plugging it into its USB port.

It comes with a patented and a replaceable nozzle with a smart feature that enables it to sense temperature when it is high, it lowers it to avoid your fingers from burning. This pen produces an extrusion of a hot filament which cools and solidifies once it hits the printing surface. The extrusion occurs swiftly and is compatible with PLA, ABS, wood, copper plastic and bronze filaments. The unload button it has just over the feed button allows for quick filament change and or clean up after use.

It has an automatic shut-off system when the pen stays idle for longer than two minutes.


• Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: ABS, PLA, wood, bronze and copper plastic
• Temperature Range: Between 180 and 210 degrees for ABS filaments; and 160 to 180 degrees Celsius for PLA filaments
• Weight: 55 grams
• Device Dimensions: 7.1 x 0.8 x 0.7 inches

In as much as it is designed for all age brackets, hot nozzles around children aren’t good, and it can burn their hands. Adult supervision is recommended and is appropriate for people from the age 8 and up.

Otherwise, it is a perfect choice for families, professionals and other beginners in the 3D industry.


13. Packgout 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review packgout

As an upgrade version of the first-generation three-dimensional printing pens, Pack out 3D printing pen has been designed to work with both adults and children. It has an unparalleled precision, unlike any other 3D pen. It doesn’t matter whether you are drawing with a free hand, on paper or a 3D pen, this pen is a perfect gift that anyone wouldn’t say no to. The design is ergonomic, ultra-thin and compacted which gives it a comfortable and firm hold in your hands.

It accommodates the environment-friendly PLA filament as well as the ABS filaments which at their optimal temperature, they leave the nozzle hole and instantly harden after the extrusion. For this reason, drawing is fast and accurate. Its purchase comes with a 30-gram filament choice between the two types it supports. It can automatically shut itself off if it stays in a standby mode for a while making it worry-free for anyone who forgets to shut it off. The booting system for this 3D printing pen is commendable and comes at 30 seconds. This allows for time saving and quick work commencement.

The purchase of Packgout 3D pen, apart from the free filament, is accompanied by numerous free templates which will help in acquainting oneself with the 3D pen. It has a 30-day guarantee return characterized by a no-questions-asked policy. On top of that, it comes with a one year warranty and a lifetime customer support.

The precautions for this 3D pen are that the nib shouldn’t be touched while in use, unloading the filament after every use and before turning off the power and that the nozzle shouldn’t be touched while it is in use.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: Specifically designed for any 1.75mm ABS or PLA filaments
• Colors: It has the capability of multicolor output
• Device Dimension: 7.2 x 1.1 x 1.6 inches
• Weight: 9.6 ounces

The packgout 3D pen has positive traits which far outweigh the disadvantages. Having smart features and being lightweight enough for portability, the fact that some users have reported it as a little bit confusing and that it takes time to get used to can easily be overlooked. Another user complained that it didn’t work entirely.

Best for all, children for eight years and above with adult’s tutelage, and also the adults and professionals, hobbyists and 3D pen printing enthusiasts.

14. Ipeson 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review ipeson

Enough has been said about 3D pens and their awesomeness. However, this printing pen utilizes the FDM technology to bring you an experience worth remembering. It is packed with amazing features that are yet to be tried out by many who haven’t. For starters, it has a slim design specifically made for your hand making it easy to hold and draw like you were using an ordinary pen. Furthermore, it is light and has an automatic standby mode of up to five minutes after which it shuts itself off. It isn’t cordless but requires a 12V socket for charging.

Ipeson has a nozzle diameter of 0.4 to 0.7mm with a controlled and adjustable temperature which is varied by one degree at a time. Incorporated also is a state-of-the-art filament jamming control which helps prevent clogging. Additionally, the ceramic heating doesn’t use too much power which makes it have a better performance and produce excellent 3D models. It is safe for use as it comes with a feature of center thermal conductivity which enables distribution of heat in the filament as well as for its longevity.

Accommodating either ABS or PLA filaments, it permits for the drawing on surfaces which can be smooth or rough. The drawing can be done either horizontally or vertically with finishes applied as one controls the speed and the extrusion through one of its step-less buttons. It also operates in a stealth mode and doesn’t make any irritating noises during the drawing.

For a device that is still new in the market, it comes as a tool that packs high potentials when it comes to creativity and its enhancement.


• Technology: FDM
• Filament material: ABS and PLA filaments of 1.75mm
• Colors: It has a multicolor capability
• LED Screen: Yes, for temperature and other material control
• Weight: 2.3 oz
• Device Dimensions: 6.9 x 1.2 x 1.5 inches

Able to work on virtually any surface, as well as its ability to work under high temperatures acquired by the nozzle and the area around it are some of the advantages it has. However, the pen isn’t thin enough, neither is it compacted. This makes it look bulky for many experts.

Best for kids (8 years and above) and many artists looking for infinite creativity.

15. Ooku 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review ooku

This is another 3D pen added to the collection of the best 3D pens on the market today. Custom-made for conventional designs and 3D creativity, it is pen many artists wouldn’t dream of not having. It comes, as it were, a complete package of a doodle pen. With its distinct design, working with it is similar to holding a marker in your hand. It has a sleek design and apt compactness that allows for comfortability when grasped.

The 3D pen comes with an easy plugin and buttons for smooth operations. The heating time for the filaments is limited, this also allows for no wastage of time when one can’t wait to begin the modeling process. The buttons allow for the control of the extrusion speed and the temperature as well. It is compatible with many filament materials like PLA, ABS or HIPS. Depending on your choice, you can select either of the three.

The filament extrusion occurs through the 0.7mm nib which allows for accuracy and a different level itemization. The minimum temperature and the proficiency of the highest heat cool it down and render it safe for use with many. Furthermore, the safety features are enhanced through the automatic power off feature it has when it is left idle for some time.

It is lightweight and therefore highly portable. For those afraid to buy this product, it has a guarantee period of 24 months to which it can be repaired if a defect occurs.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: Works with ABS, PLA and HIPS materials
• Colors: Has a variant choice for many colors
• Temperature: Can get heated to up to 250 degrees Celsius
• Weight:2.1 ounces
• Device Dimensions: 1.3 x 1.1 x 7.3 inches
• Warranty: 2 years

The only disadvantage that this pen comes with is that it has received a fair share of bad reviews with users claiming it is poorly designed, others saying it broke after the first use and that the on/off switch got spoilt the same day they acquired it. That said, it is still a great pen if you asked me.

It is best for adults and kids of 8 years and above. It can also be used as a professional doodling tool by artists and hobbyists.

16. Manve Intelligent 3D Pen

3d printing pen review manve

Should you be looking for a 3D printing pen which is satisfactory enough and won’t leave you broke, look no further than this type of a 3D printing pen. With no regrets, this pen will make you know that it was worth your money. It packs an ergonomic and a light design which is friendly to hold and draw with.

Manve intelligent boasts a support of the ABS and PLA filaments. Apparently, it comes accompanied with three ABS filaments of the standard size 1.75mm and in various colors. The manufacturers have a recommendation for the PLA filament as it is environmentally friendly. This is also for safety purposes. When the pen remains in an idle state for long, the automatic shut off control comes in place; the standby mode time is five minutes. The heating tool is turned off leaving you not worrying about burning your fingers. It also features control system buttons which have been perfectly placed where it is easy to monitor the printing progress. Being on top means that even when one is in the middle of drawing something, they have the ultimate control to produce a masterpiece.

It is equipped with two LED lights. One is for power indication, and the other one is for showing if the 3D pen is working or not. The filament feeding hole is on the back which allows for ease when loading and unloading of the material.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Type: capable of supporting both the ABS and PLA filaments
• Colors: capable of multicolor printing
• Weight:11.7 ounces
• Device Dimension: 8.6 x 6.8 x 2.5 inches
• LED Light: Yes, for status indicator and control mechanism of your pen

These features no doubt make this 3D pen one of the peoples many choices. Because it is portable, lightweight and easy to use, it offers a competitive technology to other 3D printing pens on the market. However, changing colors by loading a different filament every time can be quite tedious.

Nonetheless, it is best for kids and adults looking for fun ways of spending time together. A professional can use this pen too.

17. YaYa 3D Printing Pen V1.5

3d printing pen review yaya

This is another FDM technology 3D printer that comes nothing short of being the right choice for modeling of toys both by professionals or by the not-so-experienced enthusiasts. It has an extraordinary design that looks like a glue gun which produces thermoplastics from its nozzle. Like many other 3D printers on the market, it is a standalone device used to draw three-dimensional figures on a given surface either horizontally or vertically.

It has automatic cooling systems that make it cool down immediately after use making it safe for children as well as avoiding the burning of fingers when the nozzle is accidentally touched. It is highly versatile and supports two types of filaments, the PLA and the ABS standard filaments. The filaments are fed through the back of the pen which in turn gets heated and is extruded through the nozzle in the desired figure. It cools and hardens as soon as it leaves the nozzle leaving your models firm and smoothly textured. The choice of printers is advantageous when compared to other printers whose filaments are proprietary and sometimes expensive.

The boot time with this corded device is fast. As soon as the power source is connected, it takes less than a minute to be up and running. It has no specific setup meaning even a novice can use YaYa 3D printer without much of a hassle. It is easy to use, fun and can be used to create projects, large or small, gifts and a lot more than you can think of.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Material: ABS and PLA materials
• Colors: Capable of multicolor output
• Weight: 1 pound
• Device Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 1 inches

For you would judge a lot a product by the reviews it has before buying it; you would be pleased to know that this particular device has nothing but good reviews. The only feedback close to a negative one was by a user who noted that it needs time and patience for one to master.

Its versatility makes it suitable for basically anyone interested in having fun doodling and or make a career out of 3D printing art work.

18. 3Design 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review 3design

If you are tired of reading a manual or a 3D book template every time you want to create something imaginative, this product is for you. It offers clear and reliable features that are only dependent on how broadly and creative you want to get. It’s powered by a USB port on a 5V 2A socket. It is made of ceramic with a nozzle that is made of plastic.

The pen comes with a bright and sizeable OLED screen that serves for visuals and doubles up as a control detail for the regulation of extrusion speed and the temperature of the 3Design 3D pen. It has two function buttons. One is for speed control, and the other one double clicked for safe extrusion. Its nozzle is of 0.6mm that a standard filament of 1.75mm fits perfectly well. The types of filaments supported are the ABS and the PLA materials which solidifies fast for your drawings not to get distorted.

This 3D pen suits everyone and with its safety measures, and the use of non-toxic filament material, PLA it would be my choice. It’s lightweight, very comfortable and produces precise and detailed results through a short tutorial from its user manual. This pen comes as a full kit with five free filaments for your first use, a maintenance kit accompanied by an incredible customer care support for life. It also has a 30 day trial period such that in case of a problem, you can return it in its original box and you will be refunded.


• Pen technology: FDM
• Filament Type: PLA and ABS
• Colors: It is capable of multicolor printing using different filaments.
• Temperature: Between 130 and 240 Degrees Celsius
• Screen: OLED light, white
• Weight: 12 ounces
• Body Material: Ceramic with plastic nozzle

With charging through USB port, simple loading of the filament and its ease of use, it still is disadvantaged by the fact that it uses a proprietary USB cord. The filament that comes with it is still not enough for many.

All in all, it is best for professionals, kids and any enthusiast who wants an easy to use 3D pen.

19. Dewang X4 3D Printing Pen

3d printing pen review review dawang

This is another 3D pen that sails in the same league of the best 3D printing pens in the industry. Powered from a 5V 2A source, it is lightweight with a compact design of Aluminum casing. It has features for temperature control and printing speeds and comes accompanied with a charging cable. Its sleek design gives it a great and comfortable feel in your hands which enhances precision and accuracy.

It has the lowest temperature guard system. This alone is a feature that many 3D printing pens don’t have. It is the first of its kind to have the lowest temperature of 10 Degrees Celsius which can be consequently adjusted together with the speed of the drawing. It comes in beautiful and rich colors of rose pink, gold, silver, and sky blue. It’s also convenient to carry, and it makes life fun to live.

The LCD that Dewang X4 has also show the type of filament used. The two supported filaments that this 3D pen is compatible with are the PLA and ABS filaments that utilize the heating technology to extrude molten plastic which works in the same way the ink in a photopolymer works. The temperature controls have the ability to slow or hasten the rate at which extrusion occur. The nozzle shouldn’t be made to hit hard surfaces though.

Idle for long, it shuts itself off if it stays for longer than three minutes. To reboot it, the loading filament is pressed. However, before loading, one should cut the end of the filament smoothly before feeding it into the hole at the other end of the pen.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Type: ABS and PLA filaments
• Color: Able to print in different colors using different filaments
• Weight: 52 grams
• Device Dimensions: 7.3 x 6 x 2.1 inches
• Screen: LED for controls

This product has reported cases of it failing to heat up and that the instruction manual doesn’t match the instructions on the LED. For this reason, many might consider other 3D pens using the same technology and at the same price.

With all that said, it is still a perfect 3D pen suitable for kids and any DIY enthusiast.


20. Curiosity 3D Pen

3d printing pen review curiosity

Embrace the world of creativity on a myriad of surfaces using the Curiosity 3D printing pen. Through the extrusion and an almost instant cooling and solidification of the molten filament, this device doesn’t disappoint. It’s been ergonomically designed for comfortability and optimal performance. It works best if tilted at an angle of about 45 degrees. It is equipped with a turn off system when in standby mode.

Curiosity 3D printing pen comes with two PLA filaments of the standard value. They are eco-friendly, unlike the ABS filaments which require high temperatures and aren’t biodegradable. It has air vents for temperature reduction; something that the control button adds to the convenience. In the whole kit is also the pen itself, a USB cable, a power adapter which is US patented and a shovel tool as a bonus to help in the shaping of your 3D models according to your requirements. It encourages creativity and a venture into an exciting world of 3D experience.

It is versatile and comes with a choice of either black or pink color. This depends on the choice you make which shouldn’t be hard and because Curiosity 3D pen is versatile. It has the best customer service with a guarantee of satisfaction. It makes for a perfect gift idea that many would kindly embrace for they know it will bring out imagination, creativity and fun learning.


• Pen Technology: FDM
• Filament Types: PLA of a standard size
• Multicolor Printing: Yes, through a choice of several colors
• Weight: 1.8 ounces
• Warranty: Check manufacturer website
• Screen: LED for
• Device Dimensions: 6.3 x 0.9 x 1.1 inches

Despite its features and sleek design, it still will take some time for some to get acquainted.

All in all, Curiosity 3D printing pen makes a great deal for men, women, artists, children and professional artists. It conforms to each one’s desires and brings out the best in them.

Final Thoughts

With that being said, it is however important that you know there are other good 3D printing pens which are currently not available on Amazon but would give the reviewed products a run for their money.

The above discussed though, we can agree are among some you would consider buying either for fun, educational purposes and or making a career out of 3D printing. Carefully evaluate each one and see which of them best serves your interests. While using them, precautions must be followed and those not suitable for young children should be kept out of their reach. The ones that uses the FDM technology, moreover, shouldn’t be touched on the nibs or the heated nozzles for risks of burning your fingers.

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