5 Most Amazing Things Printed By 3D Printers (Updated 2022)

3D printing is progressing at an amazing and the boundaries are constantly being pushed.

This awesome technology has already produced some rather spectacular things.

Ranging from replacement limbs and organs to printing your very own exact replica superhero suit, we count down the 5 most amazing things created with 3D printing.

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5. Dark Knight Superhero Costume

Pretending to be your favorite superhero is something that you tend to do on Halloween. Yet when it comes to dressing up in the cosplay world, having the most realistic costume is essential. When Stevie Dee combined his skills for 3D printing along with his passion for cosplay, the result was incredible – an exact replica of the Dark Knight suit from Batman. Everything in the picture below was 3D printed aside from the cape, some of the clothes underneath the suit and the boots. This is definitely the best way to be the cool kid at any Halloween gather, and now you can even order one online. They’ve already started making plans for new superhero costumes.


4. Electric Car – The Strati

The Strati electric car can be printed in just two days and costs around 11,000 British pounds. According to the inventors, the price will eventually go down dramatic. The secret of designing this print turned out to be none other than simplification. With a normal car, you usually have to use thousands and thousand of pieces, but the Strati only has 49. Certain parts – the engine, tires and suspension – could not be printed, but the rest of the material was printed with a carbon fiber reinforced thermal plastic. The Strati can go up to 40 mph, and it can travel up to about 120 miles if not more with its current battery life. Local motorists say that eventually the product will launch and can thus be bought by those who desire to have a new electric, 3D printed car.


3. Houses

A company in China used a giant 3D printer to make 10 full-sized houses in a 24-hour timeframe. They used the printers to produce a mixture of construction waste and cement to create the walls layer on top of layer. Since there wasn’t a large need for materials or physical labors, they were able to keep the costs down to just under $5,000. They say they can print buildings to the design of your choosing, meaning there’s no hassle to go searching around for your dream home or putting down a large mortgage. At just a fraction of the cost, you can get the design of your choosing at a cheap price. At this point your only worry would be is where to put it and how to move it. The company wants to build skyscrapers in the near future, yet right now Chinese law prohibits the 3D printing of multi-story 3D printed buildings.


2. Socket Wrench From NASA

Astronauts were able to print the first object ver printed in outer space thanks to the efficiency and speed of technology. The story behind it is that when in space, the astronauts needed a socket wrench, so NASA drew the plans in CAD and then emailed the design to the astronauts. This was definitely much more cost effective, faster and efficient than having a rocket fly up to give them a wrench, which usually took months at a time. NASA states that this new feature will make astronauts much more self-reliant.


1. Prosthetic Legs For Derby

Derby the dog was born with his front legs badly deformed. Unfortunately, he was not able to run or even walk, and the owners sadly placed him in a shelter for dogs. Tara Anderson – who coincidentally is the director of a 3D printer company – finds Derby and takes him in. She starts working on prosthetic legs in order to get Derby walking again. After a few prototypes and lots of trail and error, they printed Derby’s new front legs. They were made from rubber and rigid plastic. Derby is now able to go out for walks and enjoy life with his owner.



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