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Q3D ThreeUp Version 2 3D Printer Kit Full Review (Updated 2022)

The Q3D ThreeUp Version 2 3D Printer is one of the best entry level 3D printers on the market.

With both dual and synchronized z-axis motors, its secure screws and nuts allow for rock-solid performance at incredibly high printing speeds.

Not only that, but the X gantry in the 2nd version has been reinforced to help improve printing quality to the next level.

The build area comes at 175 length x 175 width x 210 H in mm, which is definitely the largest among all entry-level printers.

Improvements include bolted on linear brackets equipped with additional rigidity in order to eliminate sag and shorten build time. In short, you’ll notice a huge difference in build quality with an increase of ease in calibration.


The initial setup of electronics has been replaced with replaceable stepper drivers and a more robust system which allows for higher printing speeds.

Customization and installation is much simpler and instructions make assembly a breeze.

What trumps all of these new features is not only is it more accurate when printing in fine detail, but the v1 nut is self-lubricating eliminating any squeaking sound.

A Great Introduction

The Q3D ThreeUp Version 2 3D Printer is a great introduction to 3D printing and is made for those looking to get into the industry or just want to use it for personal use.

As for speed, it has been comparable to the Makerbot for a fraction of the price with less amount of desk space taken up.

One difficulty that new users may find it’s slightly difficult to get the extruder dialed in, but with a flow rate of around 102% you’ll see a drastic increase in print quality.

This could be due to a slightly undersized filament, however. We’ve tested our prints with Hatchbox filament, and it was hardly different from the 10-foot sample that came included in the Q3D kit at a considerably cheaper price.


We recommend setting aside a minimum of 4 hours on a weekend in order to get everything together and setup.

Calibration may take an additional hour, but it’s definitely needed to perfect your prints.

Instructions are well-put together and make assembly a breeze.

While we wish that the software that comes with it is a little bit better designed, it does serve its intended purpose and the same software tends to be the same for most entry-level printers.

It’s recommended that Simplify 3D is one of the best softwares on the market, but with its high price it’s not really necessary.

The Details

The Version 2 is different from Version 1 in many areas, but we’re going to be covering the main ones. First of all, this is one of the lowest-priced 3D printers that you’ll find on the market that comes with a decent and detail-oriented print quality.

A step below the ThreeUp is the TwoUp 3D printer which adds 75mm on both the X- and Y- Axes in the building area, with the Z-axis maintaining the same dimensions at 125mm.

If you’re looking to get started and don’t want to pay as much, this may be a good choice.

Yet if you really want to get serious about 3D printing with an entry-level model, we recommend going straight for the featured ThreeUp since you don’t end up buying two different printers.


Version 2 comes with a much better power supply due to the fact that the bed is basalt-heated with a silicone rubber heater and different electronic connectors.

This allows printing with ABS and Nylon material to reduce warping when plastic cools down.

You’ll see this when you initially build the device, and most reviews state that it’s usually a good idea to build your first one in order to get a feel for how it works.

This will make calibration that much easier, and thus improve the print quality dramatically.

While some may be opposed to this, our testers actually found this part one of the funnest part about the ThreeUp 3D Printer.

What we’re featuring in this review is a full self-assembly kit that includes a reliable extruder, instructions, tape, and a manual for starters who are new to the 3D printing world.

Other than the factors mentioned in the introduction and the heated bed, most other aspects between the OneUp, TwoUp, and the ThreeUp printers are essentially the same.

This is great, as we had little troubles with previous versions.

Other Notes

The printer is made of mdc coated in melamine, containing a very limited lifetime if you constantly tweak it.

This is why we recommend doing a thorough and detailed job the first time you assemble it. The quality of parts you receive with the printer are of incredibly high-quality for its price tag.

After we tested over 2 pounds of tape, we never had a single issue. However, the slight sag is noticeable on the printer, yet it doesn’t reflect print quality as long as everything is tight, motors are calibrated, and the bed is level.


When you first get the printer and have it assembled with everything working properly, we highly recommend printing replacement parts and upgrades.

You must understand that while this is great for an entry-level printer, you do get what you pay for and sometimes parts may need to be replaced.

Surprisingly enough, the heated bed doesn’t take away from the build area with the screws. One thing that we did notice is that taping the screws down in place sometimes increases print quality as well as reduce noise and cut down on tilting.

Make sure to slow down speeds until you get upgrades, as you don’t want to exert the printer on your first try and damage it right out of the box.

A final note is that you should measure the thickness of your paper when leveling the bed.

This can also be used to zero out your Z-axis for the first layer of height. All of these notes make the learning curve a little bit steep, but this is the case with most 3D printers.

By taking care of your product and taking all necessary precautions, it will have a long life, prints will come out perfect from the get-go, and you’ll be pleased with how much money you ended up saving.

Final Thoughts

Again, we recommend the Q3D ThreeUp Version 2 3D Printer Kit for those who are new to the 3D printing world. Those with experience will want something with more features and a longer-lasting life.

Any other printer that you want to start off with with such a large bed will cost you up in the thousands.

You’ll be amazed at the incredible print qualities that you can obtain with this device along with its ease of use and the ability to support both PLA and ABS tape.

When it comes to cheap products, you usually get something that’s of poor quality and limited use, but that’s not the case with the ThreeUp.


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