Robo 3D R1Plus 3D Printer Full Review (Updated 2022)

Right off the bat, you’ll notice one of the incredible features of the Robo 3D R1 Plus 3D Printer is that it’s very easy to calibrate. With a multipoint auto leveling feature, you’re ensured that with very little effort you’ll get high-quality prints.

Not only that, but adjusting additional settings and other calibrations can be done directly from the software. This ensures accurate and precise changes.

Once it’s calibrated to your desired fit, it’s going to be quite difficult not to print out such detailed models.

Due to our testing experiences, we found that ever model that was printed was highly accurate with the choice of having a resolution anywhere from .1 and .3 mm due to the software that came with it.

While they did require minor cleanup and touching, this is usually a very common practice for a bit pricier 3D printers.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from making a purchase, as filament strands can be clipped and taken off of finished parts with ease.

You’ll also find that with a large print bed at 8 x 9 x 10 inches, it’s easier to get a wide range of sizes compared to most budget printers.


Printer Design

The shape of the 3D printer gives you an idea of what its function is, shaped like a covered bridge with the ability of the bed to quickly move back and forth and covering important wires, connections, and the print head itself.

Due to the fact that the print bed is much larger than average, you’re going to need about an extra foot of space for both behind and in front of the printer.

This allows for the bed movement to pass by the chassis. Otherwise, you’ll quickly find some minor scraping on any wall you place it next to.

Nonetheless, the printer at just 26 pounds is easy to place around your room and gives you an indication that it’s turned on from a backlight glow.

There isn’t any onboard navigation screen that you can access, but this is easy to control by using the software that’s included.robo-3d-9

Due to the design of the printer, we quickly notice a lot of advantages and disadvantages with the Robo 3D R1 Plus Printer.

As for the disadvantages, the cords that lead the print head away from any danger are safely wrapped, but not necessarily very secure. While printing was going on, we found that we often had to hold them out of the way of the heated platform as well as the print head since they were getting caught underneath.

In order to keep from having to do this, we found that a great solution was to tape them down or use a zip tie.

The printer is also open source, meaning it can be great if you’re into expert modifications, but for beginners this might be something to stray away from.

This is why we don’t recommend it for complete novice. The temperature sensor did have some minor issues during our experience, but given the structure of the printer this was very easy to fix by yourself given a few alterations.

Filament & Cartridges

You can use both ABS and PLA tape for this printer. The heated print bed helps prevent any warping of the tape, and it turns out that a little bit of partner’s tape or a glue stick on the platform gave the best adhesion.

You’ll find the filament holder places on the bath which accepts both proprietary and universal cartridges.

This will save you a bit of money as you don’t have to buy directly from the manufacturer, making it one of the most affordable printers in the long-run.


Connectivity & Accessories

The software that comes included is called MatterControl and is highly versatile.

It allows you to resize and optimize your models, store them on a microSD card, calibrate your printer, and stop prints during the printing process. Furthermore, files saved to your microSD can be printed wirelessly, a very useful function.


To top it all off, you’ll find that the Robo 3D R1 Plus 3D Printer comes with a six-month warrant to protect itself from any sort of defects.

It comes with a detailed manual, but you probably won’t need to read it since it’s incredibly easy to assemble without much help If you do end up needing some assistance, email and phone support is always at your fingertips available 24/7.

For someone looking for a printer that’s not completely novice but not too advanced, this one is very reasonably priced for just on Amazon $799.99.

Filament replacements aren’t very expensive due to the universality of their cartridges, and calibrations are a breeze. We highly recommend having at least a little bit of 3D printing experience before purchasing.

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