MakerGear M2 3D Printer Full Review (Updated 2022)

When it first came out, the MakerGear M2 3D Printer was one of the best-value 3D printers that you could find on the market. Ironically enough, that still holds to be true to this day.

Opening the box you’ll quickly notice that the printer has a black steel and sturdy frame with a vertical z-axis resolution ranging from .05 to .3 mm, spaced out in increments of .01 mm.

In terms of volume, the printer takes up a dimension of 8 x 8 x 10 inches. You’ll be able to use both PLA or ABS tape at 1.75mm thickness.

This MakerGear makes it incredibly easy to be controlled by using a USB cable that connects to a G-code control. The code is stored on an SD memory card, permitting operation on its own and for remote use when you’re away from home or the office.

While it does come with its own 3D printing software, you can also buy your own management software since it’s compatible with each type that’s available on the market

If you ever need to make any adjustments, the frame is completely accessible – just open the case.

Those experienced with 3D printers know that most devices are enclosed in order to help build temperatures remain constant and are perfect for beginners.

That’s what makes the MakerGear so great and versatile. Whether you’re a beginning or have a bit of experience, you’re able to get started.

If you’ve been printing for a while, you’re more than likely going to want to make a lot of adjustments, and therefore we suggest going with something a bit more advanced in this case.


The Heated Metal Build Platform

The heated metal build platform gets up to a maximum temperature of 110 degrees celsius. It’s extremely important that this pad stays intact and in great shape since this helps provide thermal stability.

This printer has many durable components with anodized aluminum axis mounts that carry ball bearings. This allows for very precise movement when printing out detailed models.

In order to get setup correctly right after unpacking, the printer comes with 1kg of 1.75 PLA filament. This is incredibly handy if you forgot to purchase some when you first ordered the printer, and will at least get you started if anything else.makergear-6

The MakerGear M2 3D Printer that I bought is still going strong after almost 2 years of constant use. To be honest, it was difficult to make a decision with a lot of new printers on the market, and I was originally going to go for a MakerBot 2. However, the MakerGear caught my eye, so I decided to wait a little bit and purchase it instead of the M2, as it turned out to be a really sturdy and solid machine that I know will last me for a long time. While some of its components were printed, the majority of the printer is metal. Its structure consists of a welded stainless steel frame, a heated aluminum bed, linear rails, and no sign of any plastic or pieces of wood. At our studio, we’re allowed access to a wide range of other machines that can be used to test models. Most models of this caliber I’m not quite impressed with due to the fact that print quality along with adjustments are usually more trouble than their worth. Yet I was surprised at the fact that I didn’t have to adjust anything before and after each print with such a high print quality of the cost. The MakerGear M2 3D Printer is a lot more expensive than a lot of other beginner printers, but if you wanted to go the next level up there’s quite a big gap in cost.

Incredible Support

MakerGear offers great support and is some of the best that I’ve experienced anywhere. Not to say that this isn’t common between other 3D Printer brands, as most of them do quite an excellent job. Since MakerGear is such a small company, it surprised me that they responded to my inquiries immediately, getting back to my email within hours. I felt confident contacting support when I needed it at all times.makergear-7

Print Quality & Software

In a word: great. The print quality is up to par, as it should be for such a high price. I’ve been able to design things and print them in comparison by making the exact same model on my M2. The Makergear M2 3D Printer is very easy to setup with plug-and-play functionality. This is perfect for those just getting started and don’t have the necessary experience to run the printer otherwise. The price may be a bit higher than a lot of other entry-level printers, but if you plan on seriously committing to 3D printing, you won’t be disappointed with this printer, and it will last you a long time without getting beat out by newer and cheaper models.

makergear-5Final Thoughts

This 3D Printer is on the higher-end side of the hobbyist printers, but with good reason. Print quality is more detailed, models are made with more precision, the heat bed will last you a long time, and its durability is astounding. You can also make prints remotely and the MakerGear brand comes with excellent support. Definitely a great first buy for someone interested in making a serious commitment to 3D Printer. From my experience, I have not regretted a single moment buying this printer in the two years that I’ve owned it.


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