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7 Reasons To Buy A 3D Printer

One of the most innovative gadgets in tech to hit the market, a 3D printer is making it easier for you to manufacture your ideas. Everything from a new invention to a case for your phone, 3D printers are now more available, more affordable and much more user friendly, with some for sale for less […]

Top 10 Books On 3D Printers For Beginners – Become A 3D Printing Expert

It’s fair to say that the world has changed quite significantly in recent years. Along with these changes, we also saw the rise of the 3D printer.
Whether you have your own 3D printer or are looking into owning your first in the near future, you will know that they are easy to learn but incredibly difficult […]

How To Get Started With 3D Printers

In this review we’re going to refer to the Makerbot 5th Generation Replicator. We’ll also talk about some of the basics about how 3D printing works and some of the things that you want to take into account when purchasing a 3D printer.
An Overall Summary Of 3D Printing
So how does a 3D printer work exactly? […]

Top 10 3D Printing Tricks You Must Know

We can all agree that 3D printing is a really cool technology, but there’s a steep learning curve that most people don’t tell you about. We’ve listed 10 awesome tips that will help you create a really cool product that’s both stylish and practical.
1. Design Your Projects To Print Without Support
Printing your projects without the […]