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16 Best 3D Printers for Legos & Their Reviews (Updated 2022)

3D Printers are the revolutionary devices that create three-dimensional objects by the process of additive manufacturing where various objects are created by adding material layer by layer.

LEGO fans can now use these handy devices to create their own personalized pieces or replace their old ones at home.

At first, only technical people used these printers but now, these devices have become so handy that any person that can read an instruction manual and can feed the correct blueprint to these printers can create their own little LEGO factory at home.

But the question arises, what 3D Printer should one get? What are the different options? Don’t worry because you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of the top sixteen 3D Printers with their pros and benefits.

1. Anycubic 4Max Pro FDM 3D Printer 

The AnyCubic 3D Printer is a great affordable 3D Printer. It has an enclosed printing space with a large build volume that produces quality prints.

This printer is ready to use therefore no assembly is required. It has an optional automatic power off feature that is very safe for your children.

It comes with a Sensitive Touch Screen and a Taitan Extruder which makes it extremely user friendly. It has an Ultrabase Platform which helps you remove your LEGOS and the models that you’ve produced easily from the device.

This printer is highly organized and is made up of metal. It comes in the color white and is very affordable as well for a 3D Printer.

This device also has a one year machine warranty (except for the printhead)

The company also provides you with lifetime technical assistance and has a growing user community with customers sharing their experiences and trials on social media which is fruitful to not only beginners but also to seasoned users.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extremely durable and user-friendly.
  • One year warranty and a lifetime technical assistance.
  • It is compatible with more filaments and has a filament sensor that warns the user once filament runs out or breaks.
  • Simple and organized.

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2. Flashforge Inventor 2S FDM 3D Printer

The Flashforge 3D Printer is also a great choice for creating your own little LEGO factory at home.

It is compatible with a wide range of filaments such as PLA, ABS, PLA based filament, Polypropylene etc that can help you not only print LEGOS but also many other models.

It is equipped with a built-in HD camera that helps the users observe the printing process.

The printer is equipped with a magnetic flexible bed sheet that not only provides a great printing support but also helps you remove the prints effortlessly.

This printer is very affordable and great for children and beginners. Producing a sound of only 50dB, it is one of the quietest 3D printers ever and can be used in classrooms and other places as well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with an intelligent sensor on the door that stops the printing process when the door is opened and closed.
  • Very durable and modern looking.
  • Provides the users with efficient and quality prints

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3. ADIMLAB Gantry 3D Printer

The ADIMLab 3D Printer is one of the most cheapest and efficient 3D Printer there is. It is made up of aluminium and comes in the blue and black color.

This printer comes with a heat bed, 3D printing bed glass, PLA filaments that can help you create LEGOS, 4G SD card, 3 inch LCD display, assembling tools and a filament holder.

It is an assembled 3D printer and only requires 10-20 minutes of finishing assembly. It is very convinient and comes with a user-friendly instruction manual.

This printer is very safe to use and ships internationally and the company provides the customers with a timely and professional post-sale service.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very easy to use and can print a wide range of things.
  • The company provides online technical support.
  • Very affordable and safe.

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4. Da Vinci Mini W+ 3D Printer by XYZprinting

da Vinci Mini 3D Printer is not only compact and productive but is also extremely affordable. It is an aluminium printer that provides the users with larger and finer prints.

You can connect this printer wirelessly to your home network for very easy 3D Printing.

da Vinci Mini filaments are made up of PLA derived from corn starch that is very safe for your environment and are non-toxic. This PLA can be used to not only make LEGOS but also a variety of other items.

You can download a FREE XYZmaker 3D modeling software for your new printer as this software is very convenient for beginners.

It is bronze in color and comes with a hardened steel extruder that helps you produce beautiful prints.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Little assembly is required for this printer and free software is available online.
  • Very durable and productive.
  • Environmental friendly device.

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5. Tronxy XY-3 3D Printer

The TRONXY XY-3 3D Printer is also a very affordable printer yet works magnificently. It comes with an LCD Touch Screen and has an upgraded nozzle heat bed for ABS and PLA filaments that can help you print LEGOS and a wide variety of other items.

It offers a great print quality making it one of the greatest 3D Printers for professional use. It is very reliable for printing larger 3D models and the accuracy of the prints is highly impressive.

It is one of the best 3D Printers on the market and comes to your doorstep 99% assembled.

It comes with a toolkit, unpacking guide and a step-by-step manual helping the customers finish the final assembling in 4 steps!

One of the greatest feature of this product is that it includes wireless printing so you never get caught in wires again.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This item is durable and very easy to use.
  • Comes with an affordable LCD controller touch screen.
  • Installation only takes a few minutes as the printer is already 99% pre-assembled.

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6. Xinkebot Orca 2 Cygnus 3D Printer

The Xinxebot 3D Printer is pricey but works efficiently. It is for professional use and is highly versatile.

It has a borosilicate glass heat bed with auto leveling. It has a direct drive extruder that can help you print many different kinds of filaments including TPU and TPE.

Unlike many other printers, the price of this printer is justifiable as it is made up of the highest quality materials that make sure that your prints are the best.

It has an integrated operation system that helps you control everything during the printing process using the LCD touch screen. One major advantage of this company is that it ships in 2 business days and the product arrives within 7 days or less!

Pros & Benefits:

  • The company provides the best customer service and they stand behind their products.
  • Highly durable and long lasting.
  • The borosilicate glass bed ensures that the layers stick better.

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7. HIEHA SX4 3D Printer

The HIEHA 3D Printer is a high precision and a super high speed.

This printer is great for printing high temperature filaments such as PLA, ABS, WOOD, HIPS, NYLON etc without the use of masking paper.

This product is very easy to assemble and is highly durable. The package comes with 8 pieces and takes only 1 hour to assemble it. The metal frame of the printer provides durable printing with easy maintenance and long lifespan of the printer.

The HIEHA printer resists clogging and warping as the printer has a very unique nozzle throat and print head. It is engineered to run smoothly.

This device uses a genuine BLTouch for accurate auto-leveling and as the heat bed cools down, one can easily remove the print by hand without the use of any spatula

Pros & Benefits:

  • Every printer is tested and extensively run before shipping it to the customers.
  • It has a 1 year old warranty and 24/7 excellent customer service.
  • It supports many filaments.
  • Installation is very easy.

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8. Ortur 4 3D Printer by Usongshine

This printer ensures high speed printing as it comes with a built-in dual-axis linear guide rail. The Ortur 3D printer has a great price and is compatible with many filaments such as PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS etc which means you can create your own LEGO factory at home.

It has a built in sensor which automatically stops printing when the filament is about to run out reducing the rate of failure printing.

One great feature about this printer is that it can resume printing from break-point if the printer encounters sudden power failure ensuring that your work remains preserved.

The assembly of this product takes only 5 minutes as it is already pre-assembled. It works at a very high speed and is super quiet meaning you can not only use this at your home but also at your school!

Pros & Benefits:

  • This product is durable and long lasting.
  • This product works at a very high speed and is very quiet.
  • Very affordable.
  • Built in auto-leveling reaction ensures that the leveling is accurate and precise.

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9. TEVO Tornado 3D Printer

The TEVO Tornado 3D Printer is made up of Aluminium. This device is very affordable and produces a large printing size of 300X 300X 400mm.

This device has a very fast printing speed of 150 mm/s. It ensures high accuracy printing quality down to 50 microns!

This 3D Printer has a metal E3D Bowden long distance extruder with an improved titan extruder. The body structure is very firm and stable with full aluminium frame design.

Installation of this printer is very easy. It comes with a printer, assembly tools and assembly instructions that is very user friendly.

This device is also compatible with various filaments to help you provide a wide variety of items including LEGOS!

Pros & Benefits:

  • This item is durable and long lasting.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Works very fast and is quiet so can be used in classrooms and officers.
  • The body of this printer is very firm as it is made up of aluminium.

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10. Creality 3D Printer

The Creality 3D Printer is affordable yet highly versatile. It heats up fast because of its MeanWell UL power supply.

One great advantage this device has over the other 3D Printers is that it helps you resume your work if the power is lost which highly helps the customers save their time and avoid any degradation to the environment.

This device detects when the filament is all used up and automatically turns on. It also has auto-leveling feature.

The installation is very easy and only takes about 20-30 minutes of your time. The package comes with pliers, nozzles, an SD card, screw driver, wrench and many other tools which makes installation easier.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It provides the customers with a huge build surface.
  • Very durable and long lasting.
  • Very reliable.
  • Out of filament detection.

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11. Luxnwatts Ender 3 3D Printer

This printer is also a great choice for beginners.

It has a very safe power supply protecting your printer from unexpected power surges.

It has a CMagnet build surface plate that protects your 3D Printer plate and it ensures consistent temperature throughout the printing process. The printing models are also very easy to remove without any scratches!

This printer can resume printing from the last recordered extruder after any power outages that saves the user’s time and also help conserve the environment.

The package comes with an easy-to-setup kits that allows you to learn about the basic construction of the 3D Printer as you finish assembling it.

The customer service of this company is also excellent! They provide their customers with a one year warranty and a 24 hour customer service seven days of the week to answer any of your queries.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Good printing quality and a reasonable price for beginners.
  • Super easy installation which takes only 10 minutes.
  • Safety protected power supply.
  • The company tests the printer for 24 hours before delivering it.

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12. Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

The Sindoh 3D Printer is a Red Dot Design Winner.

It is a little pricey but offers a lot of features. It has an automatic loading and unloading of filament. It also has an automatic leveling system and various connectivity options such as USB cable, WiFi, USB flash drive.

It has a built-in internal monitoring camera that helps you view the entire printing process on your laptop and mobile.

This device is equipped with a 5-Inch LED with full color touch screen menu.

The installation process is very easy and the packages includes a user friendly manual. This device is compatible with PLA and ABS which can help you create your own little LEGO factory at home and replace the old ones.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very quick, solid and simple set-up.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Auto-loading filament.
  • The printer itself guides you in bed leveling.
  • Impeccable user screen on the printer itself.

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13. CCTREE New Version Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

The CCTREE Printer is very affordable. It is a resume printer which has the ability to resume printing even after a lapse occurs which can save the time of the customer.

Installation of this device is very easy and quick. It comes with several assembled parts and it takes only about 2 hours to assemble 20 nuts. The upgraded extruder in this product reduces plugging risk.

The power supply is very safe and it takes only about 5 minutes for the hot bed to reach the temperature of 110 degrees.

The printing quality is very impressive with respect to the low price of this printer and it can be used by beginners as well as professionals. The customer service of this company is impeccable and they stand behind their product which is a huge pro.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The printer is quiet and can be used in offices and classrooms.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Easy installation.
  • Comes with an SD Card, extra nozzles and spare parts.
  • Sleek and modern looking design.

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14. Fusion 3 F410 3D Printer

The 3D Printer by Fusion is definitely more on the pricey side but it offers a wide range of features.

It consists of a large and enclosed print area which can print large models. It provides a stable temperature to print high temperature materials.

The time is takes to print large models is very surprising. Print speed is about 250mm/s and the layer resolution is as low as 0.05MM.

More features include auto-leveling, filament detection, fast speed and management over your network.

One great advantage of buying this printer is that you get a warranty of two years which is the BEST in the 3D printing industry.

The company Fusion also provides their beloved customers with email and phone support 24 hours of the day as long as the customers own their printers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable and long lasting
  • The printer is made up of high quality material.
  • Fusion’s customer service is incomparable.
  • Since it is already pre-assembled, installation takes very little of your time.

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15. Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer

The Anet 3D Printer is also a very affordable 3D printer. Installation of this device only takes a few minutes as the main body is pre-installed. It can print large models.

The heatbed is made up of aluminium and it comes with a glass panel which make your models look beautiful and smooth without any sharp edges and removes the model from the printer without any scratches.

It has a moveable LCD display. The overall structure of the printer is very stable as it is all metal thus the printing is very precise and efficient.

This printer is very easy and safe to use. Loading and unloading of the filament is very easy too and since this device is compatible with various filaments, it can not only print LEGOS but various other things that you want!

The package includes an SD card, a card reader, 10m filament, toolkit and the printer which is a great deal for the price.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very durable and long lasting.
  • High speed and affordable.
  • Easy installation and environmental friendly.

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16. Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer

The 3D Printer by Dremel Digilab is reliable low cost printer that provides the customers with countless hours of high quality printing.

Installation is very easy and takes a few minutes as the printer is already pre-assembled. It is very safe to use as it is completely closed, has a non-heated build plate and since it is compatible with PLA, it is very safe for the environment and non-toxic.

Dremel’s customer service is also incomparable. They provide their customers with ONE YEAR warranty and 24/7 customer service through email and phone.

The price is unbeatable for the quality and ease this printer provides. It also has a full color screen that gives it a very modern and classy look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High quality and affordable price.
  • Impeccable customer service.
  • Very durable and modern looking.

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Final Thoughts

3D Printers have made our lives easier. LEGOS are loved by everyone from children to adults. Now we can easily print our favorite cartoon characters in a block form at home and play with them.

These revolutionary devices have changed the world for us. They were only used by some technical people and scientists in the past but nowadays are owned by everyone.

Except for LEGOS, they can print a huge variety of other objects you require, you just need the correct filament and blueprint for it.

The list above includes the 16 top rated 3D Printers with their advantages, pros, prices and descriptions. Every printer has it’s own charm and we hope that you will find what works best for you!

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